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Max Lewis Consultants Pte Ltd is a management consultancy company, incorporated in Singapore.

We are a 'one-stop-service-provider' in offering accounting, taxation, corporate secretarial services and management consultancy advice to SMEs, public listed companies and MNCs (Multi- National Corporations) in a wide range of industry sectors.

We are constantly working to reach new heights in both customer service and service delivery by exceeding our customers' expectations.

We provide personal service to our clients both locally and regionally to ensure that our customers are given the full support they deserve. We help companies devise a strong overall control environment with key monitoring techniques to reduce the risks of fraud or detect the likehood of frauds being committed on a timely basis.

The anti-fraud programme also includes a detailed fraud scenario analysis with management staff to better assess fraud risks that the company faces and the relevant countermeasures that should be established to manage their risks.

Max Lewis Consultants Pte Ltd


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