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Bio-REV Pte Ltd. is a leading supplier of scientific equipment, lab consumables, chemical and biological reagents for life science/biotech/pharmaceutical research in Singapore and Malaysia.

We are the exclusive distributor for brands like ATCC, Biological Industries, Golden Gate Bioscience, 4titude, Drummond, Apricot Designs, Biolamina, Addexbio, Aline, DV Biologics, CellnTec, Cell Research Corp, IFI etc.

We provide products like cell lines, bacteria, lab conusmables, complete xeno-free stem cell culture reagents, primary cells, tissue culture media and reagents, antibodies, ELISA kits, RNAi, pipet aids, lab equipment like vortex mixer, automated liquid handling, evaporators, water baths, shakers, heaters, lab glassware, lab safety products etc

We have products for fields of cell culture, microbiology, neurobiology, stem cells, primary cells, ELISA, fluorescent technologies, proteomics, RNA research, molecular biology, electrophoresis, sequencing and custom services.

Bio-Rev Pte Ltd


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